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Matova Music School

Champaign-Urbana-Savoy, IL  

Matova Music Studios
   Champaign-Urbana-Savoy area IL

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Piano lessons, music theory/ear training, score reading, history of music classes, general musicianship, choir groups and fundamentals of conducting are the subject of Matova Music School's work. 

The school teaching method is grounded in research on brain and body connection for mindful injury free piano performing, healing properties of music, and new methods of learning, for students of all ages in Champaign-Urbana-Savoy metro-area, IL. School motto is


            OFFICE location:

Church Street Square Professional Building

206 N Randolph St, 

Suite 2 (lower level)

Champaign, IL 61820

New in Fall: Piano 3in1 combo: Offered on Saturday -- 11 am

                                                                        Tuesday  --- 3 pm


Fall 2019:  


           ACCELERATED PIANO--A course for serious learners! Learn in triple speed, improve your technique. For beginners or students who need fast improving. Focus on freedom of movement, body/arm/hand alignment, mindful practice methods. 5 weeks, 12 sessions course.

             MUSIC THEORY/EAR TRAINING CRASH COURSE!!- Starts September 3rd:  4 weeks, 20 lessons evening intensive course. Review rudiments of music, followed by practical application of music theory knowledge to sharpen aural skills and develop sophisticated utilization of recognition/producing various combinations of music elements. Brush up fast your skills for college, or fix your deficiencies!! Get prepared for ABRSM exams, or RCM exams. 


Scholarship: Help underprivileged or military family child to study the piano. Consider donation to help raise funds for two scholarships. The studio will match 50% of all donations. A gift of music lasts forever!

Ten reasons to study with Matova Music School



2. Instructor experienced in music education with children and adults

3. Instructor holds Doctor of Musical Arts Degree (University of Illinois) 

4.  Lesson plans: personalized to your specific needs and goals

5.  Piano lessons incorporate music theory, historical information about the music you play and guidance on performance practice

6.  Variety of classes for different musical interests and tastes

7.  Flexible schedules

8. Teaching method: healthy acquisition of technique and body expression, that is grounded in the European and American traditions in piano pedagogy, and advanced theory/aural skills methods (adopted for different levels) recognized by the leading music education institutions. 

10. Lots of fun time. My advice to you: enjoy as you learn

If you :

1. Need additional help for your upcoming exam in aural skills college class

2. Want to learn piano or have theory/ear training

3. Are motivated and goal oriented

4. Like challenges

5. Enjoy music and want to have plenty of fun while learning

6. Want to build a repertoire of wonderful music

7. Want to push your brain cells to the limits

8. Want to surprise everyone with new skills

9. Want to learn theory/ear training for an exam or for your choir practices

... then you are my preferred type of student. Congratulations! Fill in the form on the right side of the screen. 

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