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Matova Music School

Champaign-Urbana-Savoy, IL  

Matova Music Studios
   Champaign-Urbana-Savoy area IL

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Currently offering: IN PERSON & ONLINE LESSONS and mixed format.  Wearing mask is now a personal preference. HANDS SANITISING IS MANDATORY. Come right before lesson to avoid traffic and to allow proper cleaning and disinfecting of the space. 


The lessons are in person & online, in three semesters: 

         Fall semester -- September to December, 16 lessons (out of 18 weeks)

         Spring semester -- January to June, 24 lessons (out of 26 weeks)

         Summer: July/August flexible scheduling --  2-4 lessons

School holidays: Thanksgiving Thursday, Friday

                               week of spiring vacation

                               summer vacation 4-5 weeks July/August

New students can start lessons at any time of the month, any month of the year. 

Students should discuss with the instructor their goals: piano for fun, piano for singers, serious learning interests, or studying to become a musician. 


2023, THE YEAR OF SPARKLE AND GLAM! Learn your music and get a glamorous picture during the lesson!. If you are really good, then you get a glamorous video. Who will get the most by the end of the year? YOU?                        

What does your tuition pay?

-- reserves weekly the same time slot for your lessons and actual teaching during the lesson

-- time the instructor invests to prepare for each lesson (search/select teaching materials, create plan for each student, printouts plus their cost)

-- instructor's training and experience, continuing training

-- professional organization membership (allows the teacher to follow new methods and new research during conferences) and professional journals

-- studio maintenance expenses and office time (e-mails, bookkeeping, internet, accountant, piano tuning/repairs, cleaning service)

-- instructor salary

-- income taxes, health insurance, business licence, business insurance, business property rent, and retirement.

-- built in one lesson per six months (Jan/June, July/Dec) per student as paid "sick day" for the teacher. If not used, teacher will use it for a professional development away from teaching, or as a teaching day, so students get one extra lesson. If teacher gets sick, this one lesson will not have a make up.

All piano lessons include: technique, artistry, sight-reading, music theory, studying and performing a variety of musical styles, aural skills, music history, musicianship, memorization, practice methods, and learning to listen to music. 

Study plans:

   Piano is fun: for students 5-6 years old,  30 min. weekly lesson

   Piano Adventure: for students 7-9 years old: 

   Getting Serious: for students 10-15 years old: lessons are 45 min. long

   Music Achievers: for students 15-19 years old and advanced adults students: lessons are 60 min. long

   Adult piano 101: for adults just starting, no experience: once per week, 45 min. lesson

   Passion is back: for adults with previous experience in piano: once per week, 45 min. lesson

Group PIANO Combo 3in1. For students who prefer working in a group, but independently, for students who like fast pace and can stay focused  during the three modules of the class each week. You get the private lesson with extras. The class is busy, but entertaining at the same time. Good for both, adults and children. Class is 60 min. long. Offered only on Saturday at 11 am.

"Piano Express Double success": an intensive study program of six to eight weeks with 16 lessons offered in May, June-July, or mid-August. Enables students to advance very fast. Well suited for beginners (all ages) or for people who already have some skills. Focus is on proper, healthy technique development. Recommended for highly motivated students mostly for summer when there is no school attendance. 

"Summer Ear-Training crash": an intensive 3 weeks program of 15 lessons offered in June, August, and September. For students that need quick skills brush up, for students with deficiencies, or for these in need of a fast learning pace. Covers sight-singing, intervals, chords, scales, modes, 1-3 voice dictation and more. 

"Summer Music camp" for children ages 7-13, week long, offered in June and July. Music class for beginner students. Learning rhythm, music alphabet, piano basic technique, music games. Children learn 3 songs by the end of the camp. Daily, class limited to 5 students.

"Musical Magic," for children 5-6 years old. Private, or small study group of maximum 3 students. Zoom meeting or in person. Learning notes, rhythm, coordination, and listening as preparation for piano lessons. Once per week, 30 min. session. Offered on Saturday 2:30 pm. 

   Theory fun: Entertaining computer music theory games for 15 min. weekly for all levels. Schedule after your private lesson. Extra fee applies.

   Advanced theory/aural skills: Designed to meet the needs of college and undergraduate/graduate students with deficiencies. Also good for students preparing to begin university music programs which have qualifying entrance exam. Lessons are in person or ONLINE.  

Accelerated music theory for beginners: twice weekly, a fast way to learn to basics of music theory: music notation, rhythm, meter, intervals, chords, scales, and more. 

All interested students can prepare for RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music ) Certificate Program, or for ABRSM (Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams accepted in over 90 countries. For more information on the exams, please see: us.abrsm.org


At the studioSanitizing hands in/out is mandatory. Arrive on time and bring all required materials and music. Parents are asked to keep communication about their children's advancement brief after the lesson. Parents are strongly advised to observe the lessons and remind children at home to practice and help them read the practice notes.

Practicing: Practicing is how humans learn new skills. Students should practice at least four times between the lessons in order to learn the new music given in class. Instructor will be offering advice on efficient, easy and fun practice. Guided weekly practice is offered as well on request. If you skipped some practice don't skip the lesson, the instructor is here to guide you and help you reach your goals. Ask questions if not sure what to do!

Success: Enjoyment and success in learning the piano come from regular practice and regular lessons. I work to bring the best possible results for each student.  Skipping lessons sabotage your success!!

Materials: students are responsible for buying all the required materials for the lessons (after recommendation by the instructor). You can also borrow music materials from the school (additional charge applies).

Tuition: Your tuition fee is paid in advance for each month to reserves a weekly slot of the instructor's time. It is not refundable. It covers the lesson's length, type (private or group), location, insurance, instruments repair/maintenance, office expenses, instructor's education/experience. 

For current tuition plans, please call  773-320-3264, or email playpiano747@gmail.com. Accepted methods of tuition payment: cash, check, Facebook pay, Zelle.

Tuition update: A yearly inflation adjustment according to current market prices in the region is applied on July 1st.

Tuition payments: Monthly tuition payments are due on the 20th day of each month for the upcoming month. Some months will include five lessons.

It is each student's responsibility to pay the tuition on time. Teaching hours after school are limited, therefore, students who consistently pay late (3 payments in sequence) and wait for multiple reminders, will need to pay the tuition for 3 months in advance to remain in the school, or their time slot will be immediately offered to a student in the waiting list. 

Tuition is monthly and CAN NOT roll over to the next month because of unused/missed lessons. There is one make up per semester, only when teacher is informed in advance (for non-emergencies this is at least 72 hours), or when there is an medical emergency. 

SUMMER LESSONS: Three lessons minimum required for the summer. Students who completely skip summer lessons will not be guaranteed their preferred day/time slot and will be required a registration fee upon their return for the fall.

Registration fee: It is due at the first lesson. The fee pays for time required for bookkeeping/accounting, scheduling, website fees and updates, emails and phone time. New students' registration fee is $30. Returning students have no registration fee if they had two or more summer lessons. Otherwise, there is $15 fee sign up for them. 

Concert performance fee: $15, to be paid together with the monthly tuition. Participation in the studio concerts is suggested, as it teaches valuable set of skills, but it is not mandatory



Late tuition payments WILL NOT be accepted. The time slot will be assigned immediately to another student. 

Returned bank checks: The bank fee for bounced check will be added to the tuition and ONLY cash payments will be accepted for future payments.

Make-up lessons: I offer one make-up per semester. NO RESCHEDULE for missed lessons/no show, and cancellations before or during the lesson time. The 2 free extra lessons built into each semester allow you to take time off when needed. Please schedule your other activities in a way to not conflict with piano lessons. Students who regularly try to reschedule, or miss lessons cannot stay in the school. 

HEALTH POLICY: In order to protect students and families from spreading germs and viral diseases, and interrupting the normal flow of the teaching process, please do not come to lesson when sick, but instead schedule online lesson or VIDEO lesson (see above). Students who come coughing and with runny nose will be returned home for the safety of the rest of the students. Disinfecting hands before lesson is mandatory. 

COVID/FLU: The teacher reserves the right to move in person lessons to online lessons during flu season or anytime local covid infection cases increase, or to enforce masks during lessons based on local covid numbers. This is for the safety of all students and the teacher. If a student has a cough he should not to come to the studio, but to take the lesson online instead. 

Sick time over 2 weeks (or hospitalization ) will be rescheduled/adjusted as it fits best for the recovering student health and schedule. 

Traveling away for month or more: you will need to pay half tuition during the time away to reserve your time slot, otherwise it will be offered to the students on waiting list.

Snow, storm days: Due to bad weather conditions (dangerous snow or ice storms, tornado), lessons will be offered online for that particular day at your usual lesson time. I will not hold make ups for students who opt out of storm day online lesson.

BEHAVIOR: Students who are not polite, act unruly, argue and are not accepting teaching and guidance will be invited to leave the school. Teachers here teach music and will not tolerate stubborn behavior of any sort which needs to be addressed by different professionals (social workers, psychologists). 

Communication: During business hours by email. Students should check email on the day of their lesson for new information, or eventual change of schedule due sickness, or weather conditions. Parents of children are advised to listen to the lessons and the given instructions for practice. Children whose parents are involved actively in the home practice are learning faster. 

Pedagogy for special needs students: As a teacher and instructor, I am trained in music education but I have no training in special education (SPED) needs or psychology outside music education. Therefore, I might not be able to meet special education needs. Parents should discuss with me before deciding to sign up for lessons. 

Discontinuing lessons:
 Students can stop taking lessons at any time. However, they will need to finish the prepaid month of lessons.

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