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Matova Music School

Champaign-Urbana-Savoy, IL  

Matova Music Studios
   Champaign-Urbana-Savoy area IL

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Piano lessons individual
Piano duets (bring a friend, have fun together)
General Music education: lessons with fun activities for little children 4-5 years old as preparation for piano lessons

Private vocal lessons for beginners, all ages. Learn to vocalize and sing classical or pop songs.

Fundamental techniques of conducting. Good for students interested in conducting, beginning church directors or future music education students. Special attention to technique and score preparation skills.

Incorporated in the lessons for all students. Also, private or group lessons (2-3 students) preparing for RCM exams, or admission test in college. 

For students preparing to enroll in college, or for students that need to add some private tutoring in order to improve their work in college level classes. 

 Learning to read and play choral scores. For beginners conductors and music education students.


Explores the basic features of the classical harmony. 

Composition fundamentals. Students learn to compose songs and short piano pieces. Lessons are 60 minutes.

This service includes: handwritten music transcribed, transposition of score into a different key, part extractions, piano reductions from scores, examples/excerpts for dissertations prepared on Sibelius software. Billed by hour. 

Choral groups for children, ("Little Cats": age 4-5; "Young Dogs": age 6-7; "Growing Bears" age 8-10). In small groups children learn how to sing together, listen to music, tune correctly, and play music games. The lesson is entertaining and fun.


Explore choral singing in different styles with weekly rehearsals. Learn more about music, singing, and choirs. Variety of choral music styles introduced.



Music history classes about specific composers, styles or historical periods. Starting June, our first music history class will discuss the music of Brahms. 

A research class is a private lesson to advise a researcher on methods of research or approaches to topics and writing. Personalized according to your needs.

Help with identifying a topic by questioning your interests, the importance of the possible topic for you as a scholar, search for materials, and early drafts edits. Billed by hour. 

Learn the art of playing in a small ensemble (all orchestra instruments)

Prepare for your concert working regualrely with accompanists (orchestra instruments and singing).

 "Mix/match" online&in person piano class, 60 min./$60 per month total, your plan, your schedule as it fits. For more experienced students, who know how to work on their own, but need guidance on style and polising the music. Flexible, convenient. Schedule class time at your convenience, have fun.