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What to do? I haven't practiced all summer...

Posted by Nelly Matova on August 19, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Hello dear piano students, 

Yes, you are getting ready for the new school year and suddenly you realize you haven't practiced piano much this summer. What to do???

Resist your first impulse to go and start playing fast to compensate for the lost time.

Start with slow warm-up. Give the hands time to remember what they used to do well (let's hope this was the case!)

Play some scales, SLOW with no force on the hands. 

Then play some easier music you used to play well in the begining of the last semester. 

If it feels fine, then you start working SLOW on your current music. 

Since, you haven't practiced whole summer do not do it for 3 hours now. Clearly, your hands are rusty and need time. 

Practice a few times a day but for a short time (10 min) and gradually move to your standard practicing routine (I hope you had one) in a few days.

If you haven't had a good routine now is the time to find your own best pace. Make your own plan!

Happy practicing and successful new school year. 

Enjoy your new piano performance achievements!

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